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Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
meeting starts at 5:30. >> this afternoon aj strike by clerks shut down the ports of los angeles and long beach. following all night talks both sides agreed to early federal mediation. >> i'm more optimistic. there is movement being made on both sides. >> that strike is costing u.s. economy estimated $1pgañ billion per day in lost trades. truckers honoring ticket lines. clerical union says the únf$wguz is jobs being shipped overseas. the port says it's offering 600 clerksz lifetime job security. >> former command yefr a task force is pleading guilty. the attorney tells axe bc 7 news the client will admit to five counts tomorrow in oakland, welsh is accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers trying to sell drugs on the streets. he was caught in a sting operation in february, last year with guilty plea, he faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. >> santa clara county board president wril have to immediately pay back nearly $13,000 after using his taxpayer funded credit cards for personal expenses. our media partner has obtained a scathing internal audit revealing supervisor wrap
Dec 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
at the car port. the cars to get a sense of what they endured today. without warning and we might add, while in that car property preparing to leave, here is michelle's description. it fell two feet from her. >> i was on other side of the vehicle. and it came down, i got taken out for about 30 seconds. >> out cold? >> yes. out cold. because some debris came down and hit me. >> so. >> wow. >> i feel fortunate. >> absolutely. >> absolutely . because it's yale tiff as michelle noted this day the mayan calendar predict thed the end of the world. she says for her, it nearly was the end of the world. back live they're fixing the car port. she's worried about other tree as above the house, there are some 10 trees that have fallen and there is another on the hail above it, leaning towards the house. they don't know what they're worst of anything we saw, but we're keeping our eyes open. we're live, wayne freedman, awc 7 news. >> the storm is whipped up waves off the coast. water pounding the shore, crashing here a high surf advisory is in place but that didn't deter surfers. >> storm cause
Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
threatened to shut down east coast ports this weekend has been avoided. the long shoreman union agreed to extend the contract 30 days while negotiations continue on a collective bargaining agreement. the current contract was set to expire sunday morning. a strike could wo havei]+&÷ affected 40% of u.s. ports on the west coast are not involved in this. >> human rights activists denouncing vladimir putin's signing of a law banning americans from adopting russian children saying orphans have become small change in a political game. the latest on this emotional story for hundreds of you us parents. official friday morning signing a fwoil prevent american families from adopting russian observe yanz. it's breaking the hearts of american couples in the process of becoming parents. many children have special needs. brit and jamie were trying to adopt a russian baby with down syndrome. the law stopped him from leaving russia. >> it's unbelievable that that is where you're at this, little boy we consider one of our children, already. >> the law is in retaliation for a law calling for sanctions aga
Dec 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
concerned about getting back social security cards and pass ports that belong to the chaperone. >> it's an unfortunate situation. >> let's take a look at the weekend forecast. >> there is no wayne in the forecast. we have a cloud-free sky right now. some areas of thin, high clouds, just scatter area around the bay area, low 60s in other locations. and it's a mild afternoon. taking a look at this afternoon, it will be chilly, clear skies and getting cold early morning lows from mid-30s to mid-40s in the there could be patches of fog tomorrow, by afternoon, sunny, mild and 60s on the coast. up to 60s to mid-70s -- 60s inland and milder whether coming up. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the man dubbed the toughest sheriff in america takes aim at a letter writing campaign against him. >> what traffic officials want installed in new cars and truck that's would make them more like commercial airplane autos michael finney taking questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live just a little bit later. you can
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> port of oakland continues to get extra business today. the strike is creating losses estimated at $1 billion. clerical workers began the strike on tuesday in a contract battle. dock workers honoring picket lines managing to shut down most of the terminal autos california swril to keep waiting for the supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. >> this voter approved ban, the court put the case on the agenda for friday. east bay declined to review the decision leaving a lower court's decision intact, legalizing gay marriage in california. the court could decide to take up the legal controversy with a ruling expected by the end of june. >> a lot more to bring you tonight. still ahead at 4:00 is the iphone 5 proving to be a success for apple? may be bigger than first thought. >> prince women yim's life rushed to the hospital. >> and taking a look at live doppler p hd radar. clear now, but more showers heading our way. radar has been busy last 24 hours or so. spencer will let us know when the rain is coming in the accu-weather forecast. >> and michael finney will take your questio
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
couldn't tell how fast the driver was going. >> the ports of los angeles and long beach are open again this afternoon. >> workers reached an agreement with the 14 shipping cost estimated billion dollars per day. the clerk as agreed on a pack. >> the targ yoit moved throughout the supply chain. give everybody those presents. they're looking for it in the stores. >> the ports of long beach and los angeles handle a full 44% of the ship traffic. it should take about two weeks for tofrg get back to normal. >> california election results will not be official until a week from friday. registrars have until last night to finish counting ballots. many were mailed in. some arriving at the last minute. the process takes a weekend and one southern california assembly race wasn't decided until just three days ago. >> remarkable. a crowd beginning to gather in just over an hour. the christmas tree lighting will be on west steps of the state capitol this, year's tree, 50 foot white fir from the redding area. it's the first capitol christmas tree from a state forest. the tree will be illuminated
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> boats have been in port since wednesday. the fresh crab almost impossible to find. at one point the price dropped because of a plentiful supply. >> and today, bidders taking over what is left of hostess to step forward. hostess claimed claiming operators have been crippled by a baker's strike. hostess faces criticism after bankruptcy court documents show it used employee pension wages to stay afloat. >> not to worry. someone will make twinkies out there. >> looks that way. yes. >> noted, twinkie fan, spencer christian. >> no twinge yeenees in this temple. no. no. another sunny, mild day in a row two. in a row. you can see a little bit of an increase from n.clouds tonight. right now, sunny skies, temperatures on the mild side. 67 in fremont. we've got low to mid-60s around the bay area, here is what is coming our way this evening. increase in clouds and some patchy fog developing tonight. gets chillier tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies, temperatures from upper 30s to upper 40s near the coast. into afternoon, partly cloudy skies, rain is on the way. i'll show when you that will
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7